APRIL 15, 2020

Submission Form

Media Release Form

To submit your work send:

  1. Completed submission form

  2. Media Release form

  3. MP4, YouTube Link or Google Drive Link

Hello Little writers, with Big stories, Skribblers is launching a new form of media publication called Digital Series. This incentive recognizes the growing forms of media in today’s world and works to encourage participants to submit a video expressing themselves in fun and educational ways. These videos will be published on our website and shared throughout the Capital Region and beyond


  • Video duration: 5 mins or less

  • Format: MP4, YouTube Links, Google Drive Links

  • Content: Original media works only created by students (all videos will be reviewed)

  • Music: Use instrumentals, look for open source beats, or explicitly state in videos "I do not own the rights to this music."

Privacy Disclaimer:

  • Students should only state their first name or nicknames in these videos

  • No home address or school information

  • No personal information such as birthdate, street names, etc.

  • Film/ Record videos in locations that aren’t revealing of confidential information


Tutorials/ Ideas:

  • Students can submit videos explaining their artwork or stories

  • Students can submit videos showcasing their talents such as singing, dancing, etc.

  • Students can submit videos with them doing poetry

  • Teachers are encouraged to submit classroom videos and quick productions

  • Parents are encouraged to help students with their submissions and review information