• Jacob Yanoff


Rizwan, Age 8 Eagle Point Elementary School

Ufos   are giant flying saucer shape ships that hovers over our planet earth . There has been sightings about Ufos in the air. Ufos are very fast. If their technology   was the same   as us. It would   take 400 years To get  to our planet . If their planet   sent us   a message . It  would take 20 years . There could be an explanation. In a   country  there was  Ufo that crashed  and the pilot was badly damaged and he was not a human being back then didn't have any labs ,or doctors to  cure that Alien  or whatever that inhuman person.

Do  you  know where? I got these facts  from I got it from   ms.castle. Ms castle got    the website from was INTERESTING   FACTS ABOUT UFOS FOR

CROP  CIRCLE Crop   circles   are caused   by Ufos. A  farmer was farming   and he went to take a  drink. When he was almost  done he heard a noise and when   came back he . TheCrops were    a picture of   an ALIEN the farmer  was creeped . He called  the cops And  they figured  out that these  were not done by   a tractor.