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First Day at Camp Cedarbrook

Olivia, Age 10 West Sand Lake Elementary

My first day at Camp Cedarbrook was awesome. When we got on the road of camp, we could not find it. So we ended turning around and finding it. We finally found the right place and a parking space. Next we went to sign me in. There was somebody handing out name tags, so I grabbed mine. Then we got in line and they asked my mom and dad if i needed any medication. My mom said, "nope!" Then some adult checked me for lice and said I had none. Then they took my picture with a weird background. At the next table they gave me a map of camp and told me I was in Cabin Cedar. So we eventually found my cabin. I chose top bunk in the left corner of the cabin. Celeste, my friend from school came in and laid on her bed. That's when I realized that the covers to the windows opened, so now I had a ton of shelves. Since I had finished unpacking, I grabbed lunch from under the tent and found a place to eat. So, I went for the tallest rock, climbed and bit in to my juicy burger, and if felt like I belonged there. And I did. When I finished my lunch, I went to play tetherball with Celeste. Of course I won. Then I stepped on a stick and heard a crack. So, I bent down and saw a really sharp stick and asked my dad if I could keep it, and he said I could keep it, but only if he brought it home, so I couldn't hurt anyone. Then my counselor Perry told me to get in line. I did, and then the other campers were in a line with their counselor. My other cabin-mates were line behind me.

The camp director came out. Her name was Ellie and she always has sunglasses on and a hat.  She talked for a while and then told us to get in the circle. I was confused but in a circle.  My other bunkmates were confused along with me. Then Ellie introduced some counselors and they high-fived everybody which meant that I had some sore hands when she introduced all of the counselors, nurse and photographers. So when it was gone I said goodbye to my mom, sister, brother , and dad. Dad took a picture of me, then left.  Then we went to the cabin and waited for the last camper to show up. She's in our cabin and she is from Bronx. We helped her unpack and settled in. Then Ellie made an announcement, and said that the pathfinders group, which is my group of kids, to go to the craft shack for a tour. The tour was okay, but my friend already showed me around. Then we went to the dining hall and got our dinner, which was chicken and rice. When we were done we sang "happy birthday" to Georgia who is in my cabin. We have two Georgias, so don't get them confused. Then we had dessert which was ice cream sandwiches and then we went to play games near our cabin. The games were so fun, and I wanted to keep on playing, but we had to go to bed. Then we got in our pjs and went to the bathrooms to brush our teeth. When I went up the stairs, I stepped on a mousetrap, and it hurt. It was really crowded near the sink, so each sink had two or three girls. then we went back to our cabins and prayed, read a bible verse, and fell asleep.

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