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Arjun C., Age 15

Shaker H.S.

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Skribblers Winter 2021

Welcome to the Winter 2021 e-zine. We are happy to share stories and artwork from our creative young writers and artists. New in this issue Vidcasts and Podcasts of authors sharing their work. We look forward to your creative digital submissions for our next issue!

The Voices of tomorrow have a lot to say and share with us ! Submissions for the summer e-zine

Mr. Mushroom
Athoiba, Age 4
Mr. MushroomAthoiba
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Hi everybody, my name is Athoiba. Today I’m about to tell a story and this is my
first time telling a story and sending it Skribllers. So shall go ahead and get started now, lets probably do it.

One day, Mr Mushroom lived with his mom and Dad in his mushroom house.
One day He asked his Mom and Dad if he can hang out with his friends. Then they said yes, so He hang out with his friends and then he came back. When he cam back home, his parents said that they had a surprise. they are going for a camping with his friends. And they had it, They set up the tent, they had camp fire, hey also had grill and they also went for .. uhhh and then they
even saw like a ginormous tiger. And then after like one (month) week , they went back home.Then they had dinner. And one of their friend came over and they eat dinner together, and then they after the dinner, they had sleep over. But first, they brushed. And then they slept. And the next day was really a good day, do you know why? Because, it was Mr Mushroom’s birthday
and he got lots of presents. The presents he had was that he really really really wanted. It was his dream to have all those presents. And he had 2 cakes, guess what, he eat them. And then he had his favorite cake, strawberry and vanilla, He also had his spider man cake, one of his
favorite kind ones. Then he also put on some light, And also he had a pinata, Pinata is that something you have hit with something and then candies fall out but.. first you have to fill with some candies int it and you have to break it, then candies will spill out of it and you can even..
you are supposed to gather the candies. If a pinata breaks, you can put the candies in a basket
and you can eat after some times or you can do whatever you want. Mr Mushroom always love
to play.
Thank you.
I’m done with the story, Bye..

Victor's Stories

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Keya, Age 11

Farnsworth M.S.

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