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Ode to Navi

My BAE Navi

She is kind


sweet, and when

I am mad she

makes me happy

that's why she's my


by Aisha


February 14, 2020

with Mrs. McDonough and Ms. McCoy's 6th Grade at Eagle Point Elementary

Cool Grey Sneakers

Ode to a Shoe

Oh Shoe,

How I put you on my foot

How I walk around with you

How you kick people

I see you every day

yet you come to such important uses

Without you, my food would hurt

by Jason

Ode to my Grandma

O to my grandma

you so sweet

you mean sometimes

thanks for being grandma

I love you

You're the best grandma

I ever had

and you my favorite

grandma of all of my other ones and

I know that

I'm your favorite

grandchild, so you

don't have to say it.

And I like the perfume

you use

It smells good

by Jaliea

Ode to Flowers

Flowers you smell

so good, you can

be shared and given

to anyone you wish

anytime of day or

night you will look

so pretty on my lightstand

Flowers oh, flowers

perfect for this day

by Rama

Ode to aloneliness

I sit at my chair

loneliness all over me

people ignoring me

Like I didn't exist

I was sitting alone staring at


but they still ignore me

again and again

Then I realize it was not so fun to be slone and have fun

I realize I need friends

After a month

I got friends

started a new life

with happiness all around me

by Bilal

Ode to Myself

you always

help me fight

and help me think positive

and help me by

my emotions

by Ahmed

Ode to  Friendship

O friend what joy

you brought me with

my best friend

by Imarion


Ode to Fiji Water

Fiji water keeps me


It's also very


The Fiji is good for me

when I am


I drink you

when I'm buring hot

I get cooled off by you.

by Anshil

Ode to Trees


Oh thank you tree

for being here next to me

without you I would die and air

would not strive

Humans would always be like astronauts

 on the moon.

Planest with not air would be nothing new.

But since you're here, I can breathe freely

So thank you tree

You like a living person standing tall with pride

because even you know if you weren't around humans would die

Your leaves are symbolos of wisdom

and the  whistle in thewind to make

a beautiful song

But remember

without you humans would be


so thank you for all you've done

by Hailey

Ode to Brother

Oh brother,

I miss you so

You tucked me in

when I was cold

When I was feeling

very low

You were always there

to let me know

but then you left

from our home

by Faith and Aniyah

Rustic Loaf

Ode to a Knife

O knife you sharp little thing

can do lots of harm

but only if you please

People may think you are the problem to murders

But all you do is cut through things

so than for your help on quests

I must not do

by myself

by Savannah

Ode to Grandma

O Grandma, O Grandma, O Grandma

I really do miss you

with all the fun times we had

You're probably resting all softly, no sound whatsoever

I do know you're here

And the last thing to say

Is I would always love you

with no fear.

by Shaniya

Hair Extension Colors

Ode to my Hair

I put you up when

I don't want you in my eyes

You cover up my face

when I don't want people to see me cry

I can style and design you

whenever I desire

I start playing with you

when I feel nervous or like a liar.

When you're tangled, I have to brush you out

when you're too tangled, I just wanna give a pout!

People like to play

even when I ask them not to

I wonder if you've ever felt happy

or blue.

by Retaj

Basketball Court

Ode to Kobe Bryant

Oh Kobe I appreciate

what you did.

You picked

people up

when they were down.

You made people happy.

We are glad you had

a good life

by Colin and Finn

Ode to my Basketball

O Basketball, I love you so much

You are a part of my life

O Basketball, you make me feel happy.

You are my hobby.

You aren't alive, but you are sure orange with black lines

I love you even more

when you go into the basket

and then my team

gets a point

You know I love you

just like my friend does too.

by Amia

Anime Artist

Ode to Yu Gi Oh

O, Yu-Gi-Oh

making memories wonderful for me

making people spend way too much for one booster pack

making people spend their life savings

on you for nothing

somecards are bad

some cars are good

and the originals you can't even use.


all of that

you are perfect and so much more.

You give people chances to win

so much more

Hopefully you last

and make your tournaments a blast from your best fan

that will always last

by Rei

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