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The First Day

Charlotte, Age 9

Arongen Elementary


When I walked in the door. I felt really nervous. I was shaking so much on the inside, but then I saw Mr. McCarthy. He said, “ Charlotte, how are you?”

I said, “I’m okay, how are you?”

“I’m fine.” He replied.

“Here, this is your desk.Sit down and unpack your bag.  That dry erase board over there is how we keep lunch count. There is a magnet with your name on it. Right now you are in the ‘I’m not in school column!’ so move your magnet to Hot, Deli or Brought, ok?” said Mr. McCarthy.

“Ok!” I replied.

Wow! My desk had four big books. They smelled brand new. I put my folders in my bag in the closet and sat down again. I had my water in my hands and took a sip and looked around. 


Some friends were in the same class as me. They were Nina, Rachel, and Maliyah. Yay! I was so excited when I met Nati. Now she is my BFFl(Best friend for life). I love being her friend. I am so happy I made new friends.


Later that morning, when I was for our timed math facts activity Mr McCarthy wasn’t. I guess I got a little excited and started too soon. In 15 minutes I didn’t even finish 60 multiplication facts.


Now it’s months later and I am at 1 minute and two seconds for 60 multiplication facts. 

Now I also think that multiplication facts are fun. I love being at the top of the class. It has been fun. “Nina, are you happy you got to meet new people?” I asked Yeah totally, Nina said. “ Nati, are you excited? You got to meet new people especially because you are new to this school?” I asked. I know Nati said. I can’t wait for tomorrow we all said. 

I got on the bus and remembered how fun the day was! The math, ELA and the reading classes How I got new people and friends and I am thankful that this happened.


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