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Trees blowing

kids screaming

tents ready to go camping

People swimming

in pools

Grass as soft as clouds

Bees working

cars driving

tents up in the woods

Kids ready to go fishing

in a nearby river.

Kids doing flips on trampolines.

Cars' horns beeping

police sirens ringing...

firetrucks saving cats and wiping houses that are on fire with water

rivers flowing

ocean waves blowing

like its raining once again

Sandstorms approaching

in the desert

It's fun today

Don't get blown away.

Once winter comes

I will see you , that snowy season

It's so fun to play

and maybe you'll get hit

with a snowball

Wolves catching prey

going in fights with coyotes or another pack

food is desperate

just like human life,

sometimes we lie, sometimes we kill, sometimes we tell the truth , and win the fight...

War has struck,

it's rare to survive

and I really don't want to die in a fight just because we disagree.

Everybody has a life, a life of hope.

We fight for our liberty and fight for our freedom.

Brandon, Age 10

Schalmont M.S.


From: Messy Girl Car

Dear Breanna,

It's me, Car. I LOVE to make you happy, drive you places and all that good stuff, but its getting out of hand... IT:S SIMpLE!!! DON'T MAKE A MESS!!! It's making me INSANE!!! How would you feel if your house was so messy that you can't even sit down..I mean come on! I do EVERYTHING for you. when I stop working your goingt to be deep underground becuause you have to walk...So it's not going to be my fault, it's going to be your fault! I NEED A BREAK FROM YOU, , AND BESIDES YOU LEAVE ME A MESS!!!!!

                     Your Meesy Girl Car

Victoria, Age 11

Schalmont M.S.

Peacock Feather.jpg

Peacock Feather

 Ameya, Age 8

Birchwood Elementary

Skribblers Winter 2020

Everyone's Unique

The sky can take you places that you never could imagine. It can take you on adventures. It could even be a friend. It is always there, day or night. It can have stars or a moon. It can have clouds or a sun. It looks different everyday, but that's what's unique about the sky. I'm sure there's something unique about you.

Gwendolyn, Age 11

Schalmont M.S.

Last Days of Life

Walkng in the woods

walking in a hood

His days are a shame

but some days its a blame

He walks down the park, with a few days left

His heart stops beating in his chest.

Down to the floor he goes,

trying to catch his breath,

just one more moment is the cahrm

but there was no harm

There he goes in the air,

he goes up to his hair,

families say prayers

and send him to GOD

He is still there. But where?

in your heart that's where

Riley, Age 11

Schalmont M.S.


Dungle City

Kevin, Age 10

Our Savior's Christian School

Color Friends







All...right see

You use these

colors everyday so

why not make them your

Best friends?

Red is like fire,

Orange is like oranges, yellow is

like the sun, greens like trees blue is

like ice, purple is like unicorns, pink is like cotton candy, brown is like dirt, black is like pavement, gray is like clouds, sliver is like a silver metal, bronze i like a bronze metal...


Haley, Age 11

Schalmont M.S.

Bees vs. Humans

Bees. Ugh! Many people think that bees are nast little creatures...but actually , bees have a HUGE impact on the planet. So let's try to get you to change your mind about bees.

Believe it or not, 33% of bees died between 2016 and 2017! Also more than 10 MILLION behives have disappeared since 2014. WOW! And 1/4 of North American bee species are in danger of being extinct. Those are some reasons you should cnage your mind about bees, and if it didn't change your mind, we got problems. So the people who did change our mind, here are some solutions.

Plant some wild flowers in your backyard for the bees to snack on. You could build a next box fo bees to feel at home. If you can't do any of those things, donate some money to groups who help bees. In conclusion, if you take some of your time to help bees, you will have a better chance of living.

Christian, Age 11

Schalmont M.S.

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