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Skribblers Winter E-zine

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This winter e-zine includes pieces by young people shared this fall. 

DEADLINE for the next issues, March 15, 2022


Do you believe in a walking Xbox with a TV?

Luna Girl,
Addison, Age 9
Gardner Dickinso
Braydon, H. Age 10, Gardner Dickinson
Strawberry Teacup
Mia Santiago, Age 7
Gardner Dickinson






William, Age 5 Gardner Dickinson

The Rainbow House
Sorin, Age 4 
Gardner Dickinson
Animal Adventures
Kristiana W., Age 7
Gardner Dickinson School

World War 3


Boom! Guns shoot fire one after another, people were lying dead on the ground and it was like a blood back and Fhin was petrified. He had just joined the Army a few months ago and he wasn’t done with his training. 

Last year, Fhin had a nice family, but then one night when everyone in the house was asleep two unknown people were sneaking around their house. These people did not like Fhin and his family, so on that night they killed his wife and captured his two beloved kids named Malisa and Johnny. Since then he had been lonely and was sitting on his couch sleeping, eating, and nothing else. Until one day he went to get the mail from his mail slot and found and Army sign up. And a few days later after he had thought about it for a while he had decided that he would accept the invitation and work for the USA’s Army. After a 10-hour buss ride and the last two hours of the ride, he was puking from all the motion sickness. Once they made it, he had to start training 30 minutes after they arrived. Then after a ew months of training he was sort of ripped. That’s when all of the sudden the battle alarm was ringing, but Fhin had absolutely no clue what was happening, so he did what any amateur would do, he didnot ask anybody. He just sat wondering what to do, but five soldiers were running down the hallway. They asked Fhin what he was doing and he told them the whole story and why he joined the Army. The soldier told him he needed to get ready for battle,so he did. The next thing Fhin knew, he was jumping off a plane 10,000 feet in the air but before he jumped he got a gun and once he landed they started to attack!!

Now that we’re back to where we left off, let’s keep going. (They were facing the Britons over whether robots should take over people's jobs or not). While Fhin was hiding behind one of the walls over the next few hours, he started to get less nervous, and he was ready to start shooting. He knew he was one of the top people in shooting class. He was pretty accurate, so you would probably think he was also smart, but he’s not so he did not have a plan. Eventually, he just started shooting. Once the battle was over and they had won Fhin had blood all over him. Once he got cleaned off, he went to the break room to get some coffee and watch tv. When one of the other soldiers asked him why he joined the Army, he shared that his wife had died and kids were captured and,

Sadly, I don’t know where they went?”

“That is so sad, I am sorry for your loss, but you know the Britons might have your kids, “ the soldier offered.

“Really, do you think so? Thanks! But do you know where they’re keeping them?” Fhin asked. 

“They’re probably keeping them in the cell room, “ the soldier replied.

“Thanks so much!” Din ding ding ding! 

“What’s that?” Fhin exclaimed.

“That’s the battle alarm.” (speaker)

“Everyone get ready for battle!”

“Where are we going?” Fhin asked.

“Washington!” the soldier replied. Once they were at Washington, Fhin was ready for battle and this time he had a plan. O******nce they got there and they started the attack he went over and turned himself in. And that was all part of the plan. Once he got captured he had a secret walkie talkie in his pants. When they tried to hypnotise him he pretended that he could know and listen to their plan so when the next battle happened the soldiers on the other team knew what they were doing. And while Fhin ws on their side so they thought he would kill all the soldiers without being noticed and then he would be sure that they would win the battle. Now it was finally time for the big plan but Fhin was nervous but excited. Nervous because if it didn’t work he would be dead, but excited because if it worked it would be a win for them and he would be able to see hi friend, but before he goes he was going to try to find his kids so he asked if they have any kids in captivity and they said, “ yes we have two kids in captivity.”

“Thanks you are a lifesaver!” Then Fhin went to the cells and he found his kids 

“Malisa and JOhnny I have missed you so much.”

“So do we but how did you get here?”

“ Well it’s a long story and we don’t have that much time.”

“Oh OK.” So this is how we’ll get you two out of here. I will act as if I'm taking you guys to the bathroom and you can escape through the window and then you will be free.”

“What about you?”

“You don’t worry about me, I'll be fine.” But what they didn't know was that there was a tripwire in the bathroom doorway, but Fhin and JOhnny walked over it unexpectedly and Malisa accidentally tripped on it and an alarm went off and soldier started surrounding them in the bathroom stall , but luckily they were right next to the window and Fhin opened it slowly and then sense Johnny was hiding behind Fhin and Malisa. So he went and climbed out the window then Malisa hid behind Fhin. She climbed out. Fhin went on his belly and slid out the window and then the soldiers rushed to the window and started to shoot at Fhin only one bullet hit him in the leg. And started to shoot at Fhin only one bullet hit him in the leg. Then they found a military truck and saw that the keys were left in the truck and they stole it. So they drove back to their base and when they drove up to the base US soldiers with assault rifles and they saw the truck that Fhin was in and they started shooting st the truck and Fhinn yelled, “Stop shooting!” and they stopped and saw Fhin and yelled his name. 

“What are you doing here?” and he said, “ I want to tell you where the secret Britain  base is?”

“ Ok come on in” And Fhin walked in with his children and went to the general office and told him the directions to the base and planned the ATC with the air force and the marine and navy. So they started the final battle with 10000ships, 80 million soldiers, 138 jets, helicopters and bomber. And they started the battle the USA won but lost 40 million men. After that Fhin retired and then he visited his wife's grave and whispered, “ I love you and I miss you so much.” and then he walked away. A few years later the army asked Fhin to come back to the military, so he accepted the invite back once he got their they gave him a mission to go to a remote island because there had been sightings of something that is eating people that visit this cave. So after the 8 hour ride they got there and they saw a skeleton and then I came to life. They got so surprised, they ran away. Then the next day then went back with more soldiers and attacked them and after a long battle they won he retired for life. 

Riley, Age 9

West Sand Lake Elementary

Cameron, Age 10, Gardner Dickinson


        One day there was an Xbox hoping for a kid to play. Sure enough, that day a kid came in and picked him up.  After that they started to play for hours and hours and hours. After that the Xbox decided that he ws not going to stay there because he was not getting any sleep. They were up all night playing on him, and he did not get any time to himself. So that night the Xbox got up and he decided he would start to run away after. The next morning the kids woke up and they were going to go play on the Xbox, but when they got there they were left with an empty living room! There was no Xbox sitting there waiting there to be played  on anymore. The Xbox was gone with the TV too! The next day the Xbox decide that he was going to go running away to a Target or Walmart, but then he decided that he would run to a corner of the street and stayed there until someone would find him.

          Sure enough another kid brought him home that day. The kid brought him home; he was an only child. His name was Jeremy and he took him in and he set him up and he played for two hours and then he went outside. Later, he came back in and played for two more hours and then they did the same thing over and over again. Finally the Xbox had time to go to sleep and have time to himself, so they lived happily ever after.

      To wrap it up I think that the Xbox was happier the second home because he didn't always get used. So the Xbox was happy where he was, but something drove away. He got a message that he could not live here anymore or else the family will be sued, because the original owners of him would sue them because they found out where he was, due to a dot on the top of his head. That night the walking Xbox got up and left. He wet to another house, but this time the house didn't allow him. Later he went back to the original house. They didn't want to let him back in. He was too picky and it did not work out. He was walking out in front of the street in 2021 and a truck hit him. The theme of the story was not to be picky or you will lose what you love.

Jeremy Age 10

West Sand Lake Elementary

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