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Emma Howe

Final Era


The web of lies feels heavy in your chest

We had these feelings now we lay them down to rest

6 feet under, under my grave

On the hill where it rained

Where I thought we were something

That was born out of nothing


Take me, a canvas; you painted me blue

You were my sun and I was your moon

Spinning out of orbit every time you said “I love you”

I was so naive, What a shame it wasn’t true


My cheeks are stained with golden flames 

That once licked the cage around my heart

With your hateful smirk, you make your mark

Chisel your pen name into my bones

Without any thoughts, now I’m all that you own

My eyes bore holes into your soul, too bad you’ll never know me

How can I forget the memories when they’re all I’ve ever known?

And all I used to let comfort me


How is it that every time I shut you out, you have the key to get back in

A key I didn’t even know I had

The door without a keyhole was laced in you, the prize I’d never win


I’m the trash you clean up on your bedroom floor, 

The old worn-out clothes you don’t wear anymore. 

I’m the stained white sweater, I’m “you’ll never know better”

I’m the warning on the package and the “don’t you upset her”

But you kept all the vintage and things you don’t need

And as the story would have it, one of them was me


But you realized your mistake a little too soon

Before I caught on, before I lost you

So I balanced on top of the world on your glittering wire

Until I realized that you, Ness, were nothing but a liar.


The worst part about it is that you’ll never know

Because you never marked your calendar and god, you let it show


2 years ago, I thought you were mine

First come, first serve but second in line

I swear to god I’m over you, it’s just the feelings that I miss

But I thought everything was nothing if it wasn’t you I’m with


Strike your match, burn my memory

I’m just another picture in the mainstream gallery

Can’t put a price on a worthless thing

I’m pointless like a bird who never sings

Can’t put a price on a worthless thing

Not when they took your everything


Mother Nature


The wind has lost her temper tonight

Howls piercing through the air, gusts slamming her doors

Shutting us out from arguing any more

The storm is raging wild, lightning

That strikes my cheek and thunders through my mind

But it always stops, that’s the beauty of nature

That I try to appreciate but I can’t if I hate her

But the hate goes away like her love in the waves

And suddenly I can swim again for just a few days

Until again I board up my windows, here the hurricane comes

I’m holding back my words like she holds back her love

Rain pounding on my roof like her fists at my door

The weather’s awful, they say, what are you standing outside for?

The truth is, I wait for the rainbow no matter how long it takes

She sends me colors in the sky to forgive my mistakes

It’s okay, she whispers, tendrils of the breeze flowing through my ears,

You’re home and you’re safe, I’m sorry, my dear

I wade back into the ocean, because again I can swim

Backstrokes in the water until she comes back again

Nature is beautiful and I try so hard to love her

But that’s impossible to do while she is my mother

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