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glass with umbrella on the beach

Summer E-zine 2022

Welcome to our summer issue with pieces from the Capital Region to inspire and share what matters most to young people. We want to hear from you for future issues stories, poems, videos and more to be shared in our next e-zine.

inspired by "Dog" by Valerie Worth
Miguel, Age 9, West Sand Lake Elementary

Togo is so cute

Laying in his bed

sleeping on his head

Hazel eyes, smooth silky skin

Later in the day.

Stretches for support.

Get up and wants to play.

Put him on the lead,

Jumps in the snow.

Crazy as can be, 

He is Togo.

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Tvisha, Age 10
Boght Hills Elementary


Beach view
Sanjay, Age 10
Altamont Elementary




kids on the roof of the bouncy house


one fall ended it all.

All the fun was done.



Everything was okay at the end of the day.

Kira, age 10 Schalmont


The Trees who Bless People
Sofia, Age 10, Schalmont

The pink blossom flowers

falling from the Japanese

blossom trees.

Glowing in the light,

turning purple at night.

The Blossoms in a vase

staying alive for a long time

barely never dying

when they go the

forest goes bare, but

they come back to life

and make the forest

beautiful again.


Dear Milana,

I don't get used

that much only for sun.


            Your unwanted friend, Yellow Crayon

The First Day

Charlotte Age 9, Shenendehowa

When I walked in the door. I felt really nervous. I was shaking so much on the inside, but then I saw Mr. McCarthy. He said, “ Charlotte, how are you?”

I said, “I’m okay, how are you?”

“I’m fine.” He replied.

“Here, this is your desk.Sit down and unpack your bag.  That dry erase board over there is how we keep lunch count. There is a magnet with your name on it. Right now you are in the ‘I’m not in school column!’ so move your magnet to Hot, Deli or Brought, ok?” said Mr. McCarthy.

“Ok!” I replied.

Wow! My desk had four big books. They smelled brand new. I put my folders in my bag in the closet and sat down again. I had my water in my hands and took a sip and looked around. 


Some friends were in the same class as me. They were Nina, Rachel, and Maliyah. Yay! I was so excited when I met Nati. Now she is my BFFl(Best friend for life). I love being her friend. I am so happy I made new friends.


Later that morning, when I was for our timed math facts activity Mr McCarthy wasn’t. I guess I got a little excited and started too soon. In 15 minutes I didn’t even finish 60 multiplication facts.


Now it’s months later and I am at 1 minute and two seconds for 60 multiplication facts. 

Now I also think that multiplication facts are fun. I love being at the top of the class. It has been fun. “Nina, are you happy you got to meet new people?” I asked Yeah totally, Nina said. “ Nati, are you excited? You got to meet new people especially because you are new to this school?” I asked. I know Nati said. I can’t wait for tomorrow we all said. 

I got on the bus and remembered how fun the day was! The math, ELA and the reading classes How I got new people and friends and I am thankful that this happened.


My Time Travel Dream
Tvisha, Age 

It was a fun summer Saturday. Throughout the whole day I
played video games. Then in the night I watched a movie
about time travel . During the movie I blacked out.
Next thing, I was super excited to be a part of a time travel
project. I was on the spaceship, then suddenly I heard a
crash and sound of firing. The sun was shining bright and I
was standing outside of the spaceship. The floor was
shining like silver and there were piles of diamonds just
lying there to be looted. “Wow! This must be a really cool
era.” I thought.
But, where was I?! What is this year? As I started looking
around I suddenly got startled by a car that was hovering
over the road without a driver. Now I was amazed. A
self-driving hover car that looked like a flying saucer! What
is it? Is it a rental? Can I get one?

Before I could get the car out of my head a human-like
thing started integrating itself in front of me from the air
coming from inside a glass tube. The person was wearing
glasses like google glasses.
Suddenly he says “ You look like you're from another
dimension. Let me tell you all about our world. You see
those random robots? They are waiters and city helpers.
Those guys in red are bad guys and those in blue don’t do
much. Those guys in white just push you when you slow
down, if there is a red around. Those floating glass tubs are
elevators and when you get to look towards the sky with
your mouth open and it will start raining food. But to get
good food you should have completed a task.
If you are running behind a red to kill, or in front of a red to
save yourself, after every 10 miles you get a floating
chewable water capsule for hydration. You see a pink gem,
leave it. It’s a bomb.If you see a black pearl, kick it. If you
see a soda-can ignore it.”

He continued “Eat healthy, drink milk, eat water, gather
plants and keep walking, running or jogging. If you get
tired use the helium station, jump on the elevator or get
into the glass tube for speed. If you get into trouble, call

the robots for help”. “K!!” I thought to myself. All this
sounds great”. I looked towards the guy and asked “ What
date is it today?”

He said “15th March 2550”.
“About the call- A little information here” I ask “How do I
call? I don't have a phone.”
The guy are funny. The guy points to a rack
full of those glasses like his. I turn around and ask- “ How
do I get those? I don't have money.” As I turned back the guy was gone.
Suddenly a guy starts shooting at me. “Wait! I know! I was
somehow transported into the game I was playing, and I
had also traveled through time. Well 2550...530 years in the

This guy was the guy I was running behind in my game. So I knew exactly how I could save myself. I grabbed the glasses and I grabbed the gun floating over my head and started firing back. As I fired, I got pushed into the glass tube by the white. I could see my hands, feet and slowly the whole body disintegrate. I got reassembled on the other side of the tube and I started running.
In no time I saw the red who wanted to kill me floating in
the air above me. I started firing at him but the bullets
didn't hit. Again, I looked around and I saw a helium
station. I filled myself with gas and started floating too. I
felt safe out of the shooting zone. Anyway I could use a
break to gather myself, since there was so much to absorb.
On my way, I gathered lots of plants, and planted seeds in
the air. It was funny to see and experience air farming. But
it gave me an extra life so I would not question that.
Soon the helium started to wear off. I started landing on
the silver road soon I had a whole bag of gold, futuristic

arms and even an electric laser blade. But where was the
red? I decided to hide behind the floating lava rocks until
he showed up. I did not have to wait much and the guy
came shooting with his stifle at me. I pulled out my laser
gun and “Bam” cut his body in half in one fire. “OMG! Did I just do that?!”
Suddenly I was laying down in my bed, with my mom
looking so worried asking me if I was okay! “Oh!”, I
exclaimed as I woke up. I was neither in the future nor was I in the game. The game and the movie got mixed into my
head, but this dream is going to be amongst my most
favorite thrillers until I live!!

Ashton, Age 10 
Skano Elementary

Luke, Age 10, Schalmont

The wind was whipping sand everywhere. Jess was in the desert! In the middle of the sand storm. She could not see so she just covered her eyes and layed down on the sand. To her surprise, she fell asleep and survived, but all that she could  see was sand, rocks and predators. The rocks could have snakes under them and to top it all off- no water! But most of all…not people. No Friends. No family. Just her. From that moment on, she decided to live off the land.


5 years later. She knew the place like the back of her hand. She knew where  the most water was. And she knew where the most animals were. It felt like home, but it was not her home. The five years she was there she had not seen one face. She was lonely, but that’s how life was.


The next day, it was HOT! And she could see a sandstorm coming to her, so she ran! As she was running she looked back at her home. Then BOOM! To her surprise she ran into a person. She was shocked and could not even speak. The sand storm was gone but so was her home. Before she could run to her destroyed home, she remembered the HUMANS. She started to scream, HELLO, HELLO, but no answer.


She went to a cave she found two years ago, and she found them. They were shaking and did not say a word. She tried to help them, but they growled almost like an animal. She finally got them to talk. They said they were time travelers and They were being chased by a T-Rex.


High on a Mountain
Raelyn Age 10 Schalmont

There I was, 30 feet in the air. Dangling from a well, not very sturdy, rock. Afraid of what might happen. Then I see a...helicopter! Oh my gosh. They're here to save me. Wow! what a relief. And so I kept on climbing and finally made it.

The Adventures of British Cat Part 1

Thomas, Age 10, Schalmont


Narrator : As we start off our story, the hero being a kitten. He always heard about America Dog saving the world. Then this kitten goes on a journey of his own to fight crime.


British Cat: I got you now, thief.

MotoMoto: Me no like car!

British Cat: Tell that to the JUDGE!

Motomoto: NOOOOOOO!

Police Fox: Thanks. That is the fifth criminal this week. Who are you?

British Cat: Your friendly city kitten.

Best Day Ever

Lauren, Age 9

West Sand Lake Elementary

Emily, when are we going to get our food from there…Oh, sorry. Let me introduce myself. My name is Olivia and I am a giraffe. Emily is an African elephant. I am 9 years old, almost 10. Emily is 13 years old. 

“So, Emily, when are we going to get our food? I am so hungry,” said Olivia.

“I do not know.” said Emily.

“Oh sweet. Here comes Hannah and Jacob with our food.”

“What do we got today?” Hannah said.

“Olivia? Lettuce and plants,” said Hannah.

“And Jacob, what do you have for me?”said Emily.

“Apple slices, carrots and lettuce. Oh I almost forgot it is my birthday. I am turning 10!” 

My keepers said they had a surprise for me, but before I can see my surprise I have to go to the doctors for my annual exam. The vets usually give me treats. Now that is my birthday. I bet they will give even more treats.

All right I am back. Now is the exciting part, my party. Emily is watching me. I said that I would save some treats for her. All of my friends are going to come. Now, I am a giraffe after all, so I am not going to have a party like humans do .I will have a mini-party. I am getting all of my favorite treats. Best day ever!


It is getting late. I am tired. It is 9 o’clock. I think I am going to go to bed, yawn.



Landon, Age 9, West Sand Lake


Hi Lili,

Now look. We have to talk! I know I am your favorite seat on the couch, but do you have to sit on me every time? I know it's the best angle to see the tv, but give my seat a break once in a while. I know you like my arm rest, but the other side has an arm rest too. So try to sit on the other side of the couch sometimes. it feels like my seat is broken. 

                                         Your broken friend,


Liliana, Age 10, Schalmont

A Summer Day in Paris
Quinn, Age 10, 
West Sand Lake

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