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The Elementals


5 Heroes, 1 Mission Will They Succeed?


Copyright © 2022

Akhil – Author/Illustrator

 Rayansh - Editor


Title: The Elementals - A Fictional Novel About 5 Boys Who Will Be The Saviours Of Their Kingdom.

Chapter 1: Spark (Ryan) 

Chapter 2: Storm (Steven)


Chapter 3: Solid (Alex) 


Chapter 4: Freeze (Gabe)


Chapter 5: Force (Trent)


Chapter 6: First Voyage


Chapter 7: The Lightning Elemental!


Chapter 8: Rumble Tumble


Chapter 8: Ice And Corruption


Chapter 10: Their Leader


Chapter 11: United Forever


Chapter 12: The Dark Master Is Gone


Chapter 13: Didn’t See That Coming


Chapter 14: Storm!


Chapter 15: The 9-Foot Pile


Chapter 16: Demise Of The Village


Chapter 1 

Spark (Ryan) 


It was the first day since me and my village had been driven out of our town called Stoneville, so I was wandering in the forest, feeling angry and depressed. Soon I got conscious, and I started to miss my family. So, I fixed my mind on going back to my family in the forest clearing. While I was walking home (the forest clearing), I saw a red light coming towards me! I ran as fast as I could, but the light was much faster, and then it crashed into me. At first, I felt nothing, but then a surge of power went through my veins and my hands started to burn but I didn't feel anything because the fire was coming out of my hands, but it was not turning my hand charcoal black. Then I realized my grandmother's myths were correct. I was the chosen fire Elemental! When I looked at the lower part of my hand, I saw a power watch. But as I heard from the stories, I could not transform until I found the other 4 Elementals. 


Chapter 2 

Storm (Steven)


I was done fishing with my father and we started to row our boat back to our village. When me and my father were in the middle of the river, we heard a cry of pain coming from our village. We rowed our boat as fast as we could, but the boat tipped, and my father went into the deep river. I was stunned and froze for a second and then regained consciousness and then I jumped into the water and got my father out of the water. I swam back to my village and along with my grandmother who had given the cry of pain, I gave him to the doctor. Then I ran to my room and started to cry. Suddenly a blue light appeared, and it spun around me, I fell and hit my head. when I got up the cut stung with pain. Then I lost the pain and I started to fly! Just like in the myths that the village storyteller used to tell. I was the Lightning Elemental! But I still thought there were more


Chapter 3

Solid (Alex)


Me and my dad were mining for charcoal and coal in the cave to last the village the whole winter. Then a piece of rock fell on the ground and it almost fell on my head “Be careful son, the mines are very dangerous” My dad said as a warning. “Yeah, sure thing dad” I replied. As we continued mining, we found a few pieces that would not even last us a day of winter. “Dad, how much more time until we find some good pieces?” I questioned. “I don’t know, we usually find much more than this.” my dad answered. As we found more small pieces something caught my eye. It looked like a big piece of charcoal with a helmet placed next to it. I tapped my dad’s shoulder. “Dad, look!” I said excitedly. When he heard me, we both rushed to the charcoal. Next thing I knew, we both were going to break good pieces of the charcoal. They were always behind the small charcoal pieces. Soon, we had broken a good hump of charcoal. that would last us most of the winter! Me and my dad were coming out of the cave when a big rock trapped him inside. “No, dad!” I shouted. “Go, t-t-to the vill-vill-village” my dad said in a weak voice. I ran to the village and I told the village all about the incident. the village’s men came running to the cave to lift the rocks that trapped my dad while I went to the forest and sat there by myself. Suddenly, I saw a tiny armadillo appear in front of me. I was so surprised because this was not the African savanna! Then the armadillo turned into a black light and he went inside me! Suddenly I felt power in my body, and I started making rocks levitate! I was the Earth Elemental like in the old stories that I heard! I quickly ran to the cave that my dad was trapped in. “These rocks are too heavy!” one man said. “We can’t lift them up!” Suddenly, I started to make the rocks levitate and then punched them away. “Son, how did you do that?” dad said. “I am the Earth Elemental.” I said. “So, the legends are true!” my dad said surprised. “Yes, but there are still others who have been powered or will be powered.” 

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