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The Tube
Rachel, Age 10, Arongen

I woke up and I thought, “What are we doing today?” so I got out of bed and went to the boys, Ashden and Joey’s room. I asked, “ Do you know what we are doing today?”

But they said, “No.” So I went to the girl’s room (Lilly and Char’s room) and asked them the same thing and they said, “No.” So I wondered who else I had not asked. Then I realized…my dad! So, I went up and asked him and he said, “ We are tubing with the jet boat!”


I could see the light blue sky and I could tell it would be a good day at my uncle’s lake house. Soon everyone woke up. I could smell the yummy pancakes in the air. After breakfast, we went upstairs. I got my bathing suit out from my suitcase, and so did everyone else. We went to the shed to get the tubes. We found three. We all brought them down to the lake. I could smell the fresh smell of the lake. We played in the water for a few minutes. When the parents were loading up the boat, my dad yelled, “The boat’s ready!” I said, “Wait, I need a towel.” Daid said, “Let’s go now!” We all got in the boat. After we found a place to set up the tube. I saw Lilly, Char, Ashden and Joey go. It started to get late, almost noon. My dad said I would be the last person.

 I got in the tube. I heard the engine start. My dad asked, “how fast do you want me to go?”

I said, “ As fast as you can go!” So he did. He went so fast I could not even feel my body. My hands were so pruney. I couldn’t even hold on. I was so cold. The first time I went I was so excited. It was awesome, but I didn’t go as fast as this time. My dad was going so fast that my hands slipped and I went backwards. I was so scared. At first I did not know what happened, but then I realized my hands slipped and I fell off the tube. I could feel my bones freezing into ice. 

We got back to my uncle’s lake house. I ran in. I was so cold. I wanted to hide in the wam covers and blankets, but I had to take a shower. I could feel the warm water unfreezing my bones. I thought about what happened. I was thinking, what a thrilling experience. It was a long day, so I went to bed as soon as possible. 

When I went to bed, I could not stop thinking about the tube ride. What if it happens again? I couldn’t sleep, what if I fall off again? What if they forget me? What if they leave me forever?

Heading 4

Skribblers Art Work Emma Kemble.jpeg

A Day Outside
Emma, Age 8
Arongen Elementary

Pencil sketch2.jpeg

Sumedha, Age 9
Glencliff Elementary

Love that Brody

Inspired by “ Love that Boy” by Walter Dean Myers

Cooper, Age 9

West Sand Lake Elementary

Love that Brody

Like the sun loves to shine

I said I love that Brody

Like the sun loves to shine.

Love to call him in the morning

Love to call him

“Hey there, Brody!”


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The Out of Nowhere Prank

Liam, Age 10, Arongen

“Scored, haha, 21-10 you’re done?” Yeah! Ris- - -it got quiet. Suddenly we heard a whistling sound. My 10 year old cousin lives in Schuylerville. I was at home last year where the strangest thing happened while we  were playing basketball.


“You know I’m going to beat you.”

“Yeah right.” We kept playing basketball, but then we heard a whistling sound coming from outside.

“Philip, you hear that?”

“Yeah,” he replied. We were at his house so I asked him, “Does it normally make this sound?”

“No,” Philip said. I could imagine something weird outside, but I thought I was overexaggerating the situation. 

My cousin said, “Stop being a chicken, go check outside.”

Outside… “Ok, fine.” But let me start baking the cookies.”

“Ok,” he replied. I went upstairs and I turned the oven on.


I went back down to the basement. My cousin said, “ Come on, go out there.”

“Ok,” I replied.

I went outside. If I felt that crisp breeze when I walked outside I could still hear that whistling from the bush I was scared. I went further outside. There I saw it. I saw a man in a black mask behind the bush. I ran straight back inside the house. Then my uncle appeared behind the bush. I was so confused. My uncle was the guy in the black mask. He had been making the sound. I didn’t think he could whistle. He almost scored me to death! We went back inside. We smelled a weird burnt smell. We all yelled “the COOKIES”!

Love that Dog Bug

Inspired by “Love that Boy” by Walter Dean Myers

Ailish , Age 10

West Sand Lake Elementary

Love that dog, 

Like a bunny loves to eat

I said love that dog

Like  a bunny loves to eat

Love to call him in the morning

Love to call him

“Hey there, Bug!”



Leora, Age 9

West Sand Lake Elementary, 


In her blue car

Munchkin sleeps

In her soft bed


Brown and white fur

She awakens, scared

Runs into her tunnel

Stares at me

With her bright red eyes. 



Cute Cats
Quinn, Age 7
West Sand Lake Elementary

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