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Bad Storm

Donovan, Age 10


It was a dark and stormy night for John and Fred. They were lost at sea and couldn’t find a way home and then BOOM! Lightning struck the boat and it started to sink. They started to panic. “What are we going to do?” John said.

 “I don’t know,” said Fred. They both started to cry and call their moms and tell them they love them. And then… the boat sank. Their bodies were never found. Their funeral was placed two days later.


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Lennon, Age 8,
Chango Elementary


Forest Fire through Colorblind Eyes
Sean, Age 10
West Sand Lake Elementary

Kahini, Age 8
Skano Elementary

Aarav, Age 6
Winding Creek Elementary


Kamryn, Age 10,
West Sand Lake Elementary

Visiting Radio City

Maliyah, Age 9

Arongen Elementary


It was pitch black outside. I screamed. “This is horrible!”

“What’s horrible?” asked my mom. 

“We missed the bus!” I yelled

“Maliyah,” said my mom. “We didn’t miss the bus.”

“Yes we did,” I said.

“Look!” said my mom. “It’s seven twenty, our bus comes at seven forty-five.” She tried to say calmly. 

“No, you said it comes at seven-o-three.” Suddenly, my mom saw a bus.

“Excuse me,” my mom asked. “Is this the…”

“No!” screamed the bus driver cutting off my mother in his black and blue uniform.”The bus to New York has two white stripes and green!” he yelled. “Bye, now.” he said and he just…drove away.


We were waiting for twenty-five minutes.(To me if felt like a million of years)

“Sorry I’m late,” said the old woman. “ Well come on get on the bus.” said the old woman and we were finally on the bus.

“Mom,” I asked. “ How long is the bus ride going to be?”

“Two hours,” said my mother.


Most of the time my mom was sleeping while I was playing on my tablet. “Can I please have everyone’s attention please,” yelled the bus driver.

“We’ll be having a three-hour delay.”

“Are you kidding me,” yelled five teenagers.

Three hours later (due to traffic) we were finally there, New York City. “ To Radio City! “ I screamed.

“Maliyah, “ my mom said, “ The show doesn’t start till five-twenty-three” If felt I was gong to scream at the top of my lungs, but I didn't. But what? I asked.

“Because,” said my mother. “It’s three o’clock. We have two hours. Let’s go somewhere to eat.” I asked my mom, “ Can we go to an Applebees?”

“If it’s open,” said my mom.


After walking seven miles, we got checked into Applebees and sat down. My mom ordered plain boring salad while I got the most delicious thing on the menu: a chicken quesadilla!

“Ive’ been waiting forty-five minutes! Screamed and old man. We finished eating quickly. “Let’s go,” said mom.

“Nooooo,” I screamed.


Soon we entered Radio City. After checking in and getting our seats, the show began. The teenagers next to me and their mom wouldn’t stop talking, but all they said was, No!


We were fifty minutes into the show. When I was done with my rice crispy treat. I poured the” crumbs on their heads.” I laughed.” That’s why you don’t mess with me. Finally the show ended. 

We walked out. My mom asked me a question, “ did you like the show?” 

“I liked it, “ I said “But I didn’t see the dancer with one leg and I pursed the curms of my rice crispy treat on the teenager’s head. 

I waid in a shaky voice. “ what!!!?” I said.

My mom said, “ You're in trouble when we get home.”

“Noooooo,” I screamed. I was running to the bus. Muy mom hopped on. As soon as I got on I realized what an amazing day my mom and I had.

Forest Animals
Emma, Age 7, Arongen Elementary

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