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Vico the Wizard

Victor S. Guilderland Elementary


Chapter 1

    Once upon a time, there was a magical land where wizards, mermaids and mythical creatures roamed. There were many kinds of magic but slowly and slowly devices started taking over. There was not much magic any more. People used magic for show ( and entertainment sometimes ). One day a kid called Vico found a scroll under his bed along with a staff. The scroll said “ Please find the Gem of Freedom, stop Barker, or the world will face great danger. Go North until you meet him. Use the staff for safety and help. Good Luck”. 



The Wizard Of High Form.


What Jem of Freedom? Who is Baarker ? Is there a Wizard of the town High Form ? The questions popped in Vico’s head but he couldn’t answer them. So he decided to go with his elder brother. He agreed. With permission from their parents, they set off for their journey. They got in their car and Vico’s brother started driving the car. Soon they reached a mountain so big, they could not get to the other side.  So Vico took out his spell book and looked for a spell to make something fly. “Com’on com’on!” Voco said. Where is it ? After what felt like forever, Vico found one. “Do it now!” Okay. “Clecta ma Sie. This shall now fly!”. Wow! Vico’s brother said. OMG! Now let’s move on. Now let’s move on. So they continued their journey seeking their adventure.


Chapter 2

It was getting dark. 9 year old Vico was actually afraid of the spooky night, where there were monsters who could gobble you up, in a matter of seconds! Nah. None of that. That’s what he just thought. But that’s what everyone thought, until then ! Vico and his brother got out of their car. They were walking towards an inn to spend the night in. It was called “Monster Inn”. “This seems scary, ”  Vico said, trembling, “ do we have to spend the night here?”. “What is so scary about fake monsters?” his brother said. “ They are so scary” Vico said, “And creepy and realistic, and..” “Com’on, Don't be a scaredy cat”, Vico’s brother said. “O-O-O-kay.” Vicao said. You could hear the trembling in his voice. They rented a room on the second floor. While they were walking up the stairs, they heard spooky sounds like ‘Ooohhhh’, and ‘Waaahhha ha hah’. This made Vico run as fast as his leg could carry him to the second floor, in front of their room. 

When his brother reached and opened the door, Vico went inside right away. But when he looked out the window, he was almost scared to death. Here is what he saw: A small monster smashed flat at the window and sled down. It was yellow and had thorns. “Aaahhh” Vico hollered, “A Monster”. And all of a sudden, the Inn shook. It was turning into a giant! Vico quickly got the staff and looked for a spell, and used a spell to get them and everyone to safety. The giant stomped hard.It shook the ground. Vico attacked the giant with the staff. Then the monster with horns jumped at Vico. Claws came out of his hands. Vico hit the monster with the staff. Then the giant grabbed Vico. Vico dropped the staff. “Why are you here?” the giant asked in an angry voice. He squeezed Vico. Vico had no choice but to tell him. He was about to tell the Giant when Vico’s brother shot the giant with a lightning bolt. It groaned and dropped Vico. Vico’s brother caught him as the giant fell down. “That was scary”, said Vico. “That really was”, admitted his brother. Vico was shocked. He could not believe his ears. His brother was not scared of anything. Then they continued on their journey.


Chapter 3


    Soon they reached a forest. It was very thick and it had lots of vines. Vico was a little worried but they went anyway. It did not have much light and it was a little spooky, so Vico made a light with the staff. Suddenly Vico heard a sound behind him, and he saw a dark shape. Then something out of the shadows, jumped at Vico and his brother. They nearly dodged it. “Ahhhh” Vico screamed. He teleported them to the edge of the forest. And standing there, there was a stone statue and on top of the stone statue, there was a bright blue gem. On the statue, it said, “The Gem Of Freedom”. Vico hld the gem in his hand and put it in his pocket. Then Vico’s brother checked his compass. “We should go that way”, he pointed to a group of mountains. They headed towards the mountains, and they found a cave. Near the cave, they found a sign. It said, “Barker”. “So Barker lives here!” Vico exclaimed. 


Chapter 4


    Vico and his brother stepped into the cave. They found a man. Suddenly he got a stick out of nowhere and shot a fireball at them! Vico and his brother barely dodged it. Vico shot a lightning bolt at Barker and Barker reflected it. Then Vico got an idea. ‘Aahhh!’ Vico’s brother said, as Vico turned them invisible. Vico sneaked up behind Barker and surprised him with water! It was a direct hit! Barker fell down, losing grip of his stick. ‘Ughh..!’ Barker groaned as he fell down with a thud. Vico sent him somewhere in the universe. Then Vico and his brother got in the car and teleported them to their home.

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