Connor , Age 7 H.L. Bradt Primary One day I woke up and had to get ready for school. I had to get on the bus.  I got to school and I unpacked , and then I was reading books. After I read books I had to go to the rug, then I had a snack. After snack, I had P.E. Then I went back to class to have a snack. Last, I packed up and I got picked up.

Taryn, Max, Morgan Age 9 West Sand Lake Elementary

Max, Age 9 West Sand Lake Elementary

December 22, 2022, Boston, MA. training course are hard for the marines, most people are failing, but not me. We eat packaged pizzas and salads for emergencies. We eat meatloaf. WE are training for a mission to California for bomb missions in different countries.

January 7, 2023. The Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, again!!!! Being sent to repair ships.

January 13, 2023 At Pearl Harbor. Dropped atomic bombs, catastrophic damage, 24 ships repaired already though. 13 ships sunk, including battleship row, and four cruisers. Hope we don’t go to war.

February 16, 2023. We’re going to war.

March 14, 2023 On a boat going to Vietnam for a battle against Japan, Germany, and Italy.

March 22, 2023 Reached Vietnam in battle, going in as a spy with  a aut.g.

April 1, 2023, Shores of Vietnam. I have been shot in the leg 2 times. Getting medical attention on the Hopewell.

December 25, 2023, Returning back to Boston. See me there!

January 15, 2024, Our ship is injured from battle, limping home from battle.

January 22, 2024, Our ship has sunk. 1500 wounded, including me.

April 30, 2024, Still wounded, not recovered, might die!!!!

May 16, 2024 On the Hopewell. Almost recovered. See you in Boston!

May 24, 2024 Our fleet has been sunk. Taken as prisoners of war.

June 16, 2024 Starving. Only eating soup and stale toast.

August 12, 2024 Many prisoners are dying, only 3 left.

September 24, 2024 We are FREE!!!! American soldiers overtook the prison camp!

November 30, 2024 In Boston Square, just got home. Where are you. --the 21st infantry division Ma. USA. The End