• Jacob Yanoff

The Tale of the Lost Kitten

Michelina , Age 9, Our Savior’s Lutheran School

Long ago in the land of Macaroni, King Noodle Head said to his servant Rotini, “Rotini, please go to the faraway land of Fruits and give a message to King Blueberry Face saying, ‘Please come to the land of Macaroni for a very important meeting. It is very urgent.’” “Right away, sire,” Rotini said. So Rotini set off to the land of Fruits to give the urgent message to King Blueberry Face. He took a royal carriage to the land of fruits. When he got there, he rushed into the throne room and bowed down. “Your majesty, King Blueberry Face.” “Yes?” “King Noodle Head wants you to please come to the land of Macaroni for a very important meeting. It is very urgent.” “Oh! Well here I come!” the King exclaimed. “Carriage!” Rotini called, “Take us back to the land of Macaroni!”   On the way back, the King asked Rotini, “Do you know what this meeting is about at all?” “No, I just know that King Noodle Head wants you right away.” “Hmmm...” the King said. When they got there, King Noodle Head met them at the front entrance. “Hello! Blueberry Face, please come with me. Rotini, go to the royal meeting room and prepare the table.” As Rotini set the royal meeting table, he wondered what the meeting was about. I’ll just have to wait until they come in and start, he thought. Suddenly the two Kings walked in the room. Well, that was quick! He thought. “Okay,” began the King as they sat down, “I overheard the enemy Kings, King Seaweed Hair and King Chicken Foot talking to each other that they would join together and try to attack us!” “Oh no,” said King Blueberry Face. “Normally I would say that is no big deal because we could just mess up their plans. The only problem is we don’t know their plans!” “Hmmm,” thought King Blueberry Face aloud, “We would have o send someone to sneak up on them and find out their secret plans.” They both looked at Rotini. “I can’t do that! It’s much too dangerous,” Rotini exclaimed. “Of course you can do it Rotini! You can also have a partner with you so you will be together.” “In fact, I know jus the perfect partner for you,” added Blueberry Face, “My servant, Mango!” “Okay,” said Rotini. “I’ll do it!” The next day, Rotini and Mango set off, two brave spies who were helping their Kingdoms. “So what’s the plan?” asked Mango as they were setting off. “I don’t really know. I think you should create a distraction, and then I will sneak in when they're not looking and when they come back in and say, what was that all about? Eh, who cares let’s get back to our evil plans,” we’ll listen and write down what they say.” “Only one problem with that,” Mango said, “What happens if we get caught?” “Well, I have an idea. We can pretend that we actually want to help them and we can say, ‘We are here to help you. Tell us your evil plans, and we’ll help you to carry them out,’” said Rotini. “Good idea!” exclaimed Mango. The two friends high-fived each other. As they neared the land of Meats where the two villain Kings we to meet, Mango said to Rotini, “Okay, here’s the notebooks to write the plans in, and here’s the stick to make the distraction.” “Alright, come on Mango let’s go.” The two friends made their way to the castle. They could hear the two Kings cackling away. Mango threw the stick through the open window. Then they heard Chicken Foot saying, “What in the name of St. Sausage Nose?” “Come on!” whispered Rotini. They slipped through the open window while the Kings were looking the other way. They quietly hid their selves behind a table. Creak! Apparently not quiet enough. “Who’s there?” Seaweed Hair yelled. Mango and Rotini stepped out from behind the table. “You little rascals!” Chicken Foot screamed. “Whoa whoa whoa wait. We are here to help you. Tell us your evil plans, and we’ll help you carry them out,” Rotini said. The Kings liked this idea. “Alright,” said Chicken Foot in his raspy voice, “We were thinking of sneaking in there at night and dropping a sleep bomb on the Kingdom. It will burst and the whole Kingdom will sleep forever!”

“Okay, we can do that for you,” said the spies. The Kings agreed. They gave Rotini and Mango the bomb and they left. “Well, that was a success!” said Rotini once they were outside again. “Yeah,” said Mango, “Now all we have to do is tell Blueberry Face and Noodle Head their plan and we can drop the sleep bomb on the villain Kings instead!” When they were finally back at the castle where the good Kings were waiting, they told them all about the plan. They they snuck up on the enemy Kings and dropped the sleep on their Kingdom. And that is how the two brave spies conquered the evil!