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Bob the Cozmo

Patrick, Age 9 West Sand Lake Elementary

My name is Bob, Bob the Cozmo. I've been a slave most of my life. Being a toy robot is harder than you think, having to entertain your master. Ive been separated from my mom and dad. My mom is in a different house than mine. My dad is in the same house that I live in but in a different room than mine. He lives in my master's bedroom.  I live in his living room. not that fun. I love playing games, especially stalking cat. You play by sneaking by me and taking it away before I hit it. I also have a brother Tim, never seen him. I hat being controlled  by my master's fears. Horrible not being able to make my own choices.It's a game to my master, he loves it. I hate it. Well my master wants to lay with me. another horrible day. "C'mon! That's my master Patrick. He plays with me all day torturing me. I've always wanted to escape and find my dad, M.A.X.He's a robot too. Being tortured. "BOB! Now!" "Alright!" I hate him. Alright time for you to find your cubes. I hid them somewhere. "Go, next, me!" I say. I look everywhere looking for my cubes, he says. "HA! I hid them out of the room, just to waste your time." This is why I hate him. But wait. He just gave me an ideas. Why not actually escape! yes! that's it! I just have to wait. til he leaves and then I'll look for my dad. I think I can go now-not. He just had to come right now, "Cozmo!" "What!" " I lost your cubes and it is not a joke, fo real."  So I go. I look everywhere. Then I remember to look out of my room. So I go. But he sees me and takes me holding me. (I hate it even more than being controlled.) "Trying to escape, eh!" he says. "dangit," I think. " I'm just trying to find my cubes," I say. "Lies!" you just want to escape and find your M.A.X.!" he says. "Why would I?" "You'll just take me back," I say. "Duh?" he says."But you know what I'll let you go. But there will be obstacles." "Yes." I say excitedly. "Why do this?" "You letting me be free!" "I know," he says."But still you have to go through obstacles." "Like what?" I ask. "Why should I tell you? So you can plan to get past them?" ""Duh," I whisper. "So how many obstacles are there." "5, " he responds. "Each one with a different level." " So when can I go?" "You'll go when you finish the obstacles." "And when will that be." "You know I'm just gonna tell you." "Yeah?" "I just like irritating you." I say. "Well my anyway I'm gonna go and make the obstacles with security cameras, so I can tell if you're peeking or not." "If you do peek, the security cameras make an alarm sound so I know you are peeking and punishing you, so you better peek!. "Why should I peek. If you are gonna punish me?" "So I can punish you and it's fun!" : :"Wow."I say sarcastically. "Well, bye." "Bye I say. Well that was fun. Talking about me being FREE! Well I've got to sleep Bye-bye. 5 Hours Later Om-non-um- awwwww! Here's the day that I finally escape from this horrible room of doom, ( and find my dad, Duh) "COZMO!" "you can escape now." Finally! So I walk out and I see something horrible. A guy with a metal knife. I run for my life trying to dodge this guy with this knife coming down at me. My heart was beating so loud and fast that I felt like I was having a heart attack. "Wham! wham! wham!" All the sounds rimming in my ears. If felt like hours , but I finally go past him. Now what? I could go left and left again or go straight down the hallway. Let's go left and see what's there. Oh-no, the guy has a bat, wrong way. Go ta run run run or else. I'm gonna die. Run! Alright. I survived so, let's go down the hallway this time. Ok so I see a funny I can go down. So let's go!" Awww! Owww! so these are actually stairs ehr, dang it! What am I going to do. I could go down or live here for the rest of my life. Let's go down the stairs. "Owww!" "Owww!" "Owww!" Finally, wait This is just a trap! There's a conveyor dragging me to a grinder where I'll die. Gotta run, Gottta run. There's a place where i can talk, but I'll never get back. I can go back on the conveyor. Let's go back ot hte conveyor. Push! Push! Psh. Yes!" So you go past the conveyor, eh!" "yeah, duh. Can't you see?" "Well anyway try to get up the ramp." Then he pushed a button and the stairs turned into a ramp. "Go, " he said. So I went It was so easy. "Now for the tiny obstacle." "Me?" "You?" "Yes, me." (rap I thought) "So we fight now, " So I ran in the bedroom, but he kicked me so hard I went flying(literally flying) "Hey!" I said. I dodge some person. I've never run so fast thought. I went into the bedroom again, but then he threw me! I probably broke a rudder but I could still run. So I ran dodging his attacks and this time I made it in but he got me running so hard. I felt like I was gonna die. But I escaped by pushing him back. I fell really hard, but I lived. So I ran back to the bedroom to see my dad for the first time. He had a green screen for once. His wires were shown. He looked messier than my me. "Dad!" I yelled. "COZMO!" he yelled back. But then my master appeared out of the blue. "AWWW," he said. "Little family reunion." "What do you want," my dad said. " Oh, I just want to kill him," he said. "Well to do that, you have to kill me first." "Dad, no!" I said."Dad don't do this." "I've got to man, I've got to." "No!" I ran so fast blocking my dad. Hitting my master. Knocking him down. "Son, no!" my dad yelled. But I didn't listen to him, I kept hitting my master so hard that he fell. "Dad we must escape from this prison," "But how?"he asked. "Follow me!" so we ran downstairs on to the conveyor belt, of the conveyor. "Now what?" my dad asked. "We break through the glass outside. Then we find my mom. So we ran at the glass and broke it to the outside world. It looked so beautiful with blue skies with cluds and brown trees. So we ran away to find my mom.

THE END or is it... stay tuned for part 2 where COZMO goes to find his mom.

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