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Finding Home

Lucas, Age 9 West Sand Lake Elementary

K, age 11, was playing video games when he heard, “Thunk! Thunk! Thunk!” There was a man at the front door. K opened the door. The man said, “Hi, I’m S, and I’m here to ask you if you would like to be a teleportation device mechanic. The money is good.” “Um, sure.” said K. Two days passed and his first day was here. K went to work. As he opened the door he saw S. S told K, “You, can you work on that one teleporter over there? We’re trying to get to New York City in 2019.” K said, “Wow, that’s a really long time ago.” K walked over to the huge machine when all of a sudden it turned on! K woke up and he was on the observation deck of the Freedom Tower. “Wow, what’s this big building? And why are there cars on the ground?” said K as a kid walked towards him and asked, “Do you like the view?” K said, “Yeah, I guess its ok. And also who are you.” “I’m Ben,” said the kid. K said, “What the heck kinda name is Ben? Where I am from we all go by one letter names.” “What do you mean, where are you from?” said Ben. K said, “I’m from billion, what year is this?” Ben replied, It’s 2019!” K wasn’t sure how to get down from the top of the tower, so he asked Ben. “How do you get down from this place” said K. “Uh an elevator,” said Ben. “ Do they not have elevators in the future or something?“ asked Ben. “No we teleport from place to place.” said K. “Oh nice joke,” said Ben. “ Well I got to go,” said Ben. “Oh ok,” said K and then K followed the signs to the elevators. K made his way down the FReedom Tower and out onto the street. When K was walking down the street, he saw a man that looked familiar. K tapped the man’s shoulder and the man turned around and said, “HiK.” K was shocked that the man knew his name. K asked the man, “How do you know my name and can you help me get home.” The man said, “ Oh I see, but you have to help me with something first.” “Ok,” said K. The man said you have to help me find my child. His name is Ben.” “OK, I can do that,” said K and then K left to start looking for Ben. K saw Ben in the streets and he was with his mom. K leaped from the shadows and grabbed Ben and brought Ben back to the man.

“I see you’ve gotten Ben, said the man. Well a deal’s a deal, I’ll help you get home,” said the man. K said, “Wait! Ben,” said the man Well a deal’s a deal, I’ll help you get home.” said the man. K said, “ Wait! How do you know who am I am? But before the man could answer K was teleported back home.

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