• Jacob Yanoff

How to Catch a Leprechaun?

Chloe, Age 8

Eagle Point Elementary School

Do you want to know the secret of how to catch a leprechaun? Well here is how you do it!

First, you have to wait until the day before St. Patrick’s Day. You have to find a four-leaf-clover. ( It might take you a whole day.) When you find it, wish to see a leprechaun.

Next, on St. Patrick’s Day, look for some clues from the leprechaun. You might find gold or green glitter dust. You may also find letters and clues from the leprechaun. Remember to follow anything that you see.

Finally, when you are to the point where there are no more clues to find, act less suspicious, as if you are expecting no leprechaun. Don’t get impatient, he is coming!

“There he is!” Grab a net, put it over his head, and you caught yourself a leprechaun. “ That was super easy!” And that is how you catch a leprechaun!