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Long Island

Lily McLaughlin, Age 9 Arongen Elementary

One day my mom, my sister, and I went to Long Island. We were driving and driving. It was going great, only two more hours. “Yay, we’re going to Long Island!” I said.“It seems like there’s not a lot of traffic.” “Good,” my mom said. And so we went driving and driving.

We were in the car and we were getting bored. We saw a store and my mom let us get a toy to play in the car. I got glasses that when you put them on you see wacky things. And my sister got a tiny doll that creeped me out.

We were playing with the toys that we got. That doll creeped me out, but my toy was so much fun. I hardly even realized it was there. After a while, Ashlyn, my little sister, fell asleep. We were driving and driving and a couple of minutes later, “OUCH!”Ashlyn said. It was so loud.

So we pulled over and helped Ashlyn. She felt a little better. So we kept driving, and then Ashlyn threw up.  It was so gross. I was freaking out. “Lily stop!” My mom said. “You used to do it all the time when you were little,” my mom said. So we pulled over and helped Ashlyn again. She felt better, so we kept driving to my Grandma’s house. When we got there we saw our little cousin’s and we showed our cousins our toys that we got earlier that day. WE played with all of the toys. My Grandma has a big bucket of toys because I have a huge family and a lot of cousins. “Hey Quinn,come here,” I said. “OK,” my little cousin said.  He came rushing over to me along with my other cousins Kearn. I let them play with my toy. While my other cousins, Maeve, Emryn, and Breanden were having fun. Maeve was playing with an Elmo toy. Emryn loves eating and biting stuff. Any guess that Emryn was doing? She was biting a dinosaurs head. And Breanden was playing with Maeve with the Elmo toy. My Grandpa said, “Come on, let’s go food shopping. Quinn can come too.” “Yay!” we all said.

We left all the toys behind for another fun time. Even though it was a long trip, it was worth it. I got to play with a lot of my cousins who don’t live close. I was happy and excited to be with them and can’t wait until we see my cousins again, but I hope Ashlyn doesn’t get sick again!

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