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Missing Ziggy

Rita, Age 10 New Scotland Elementary

"Thump, thump, thump' I heard. I knew it was my Mom. She was coming upstairs.My door creaked as my mom opened it. "Wake up!" she said. "Fine"I groaned as I swung my legs out of the covers .I rubbed my eyes as they opened. "Pancakes for breakfast"my Mom said. That made me hungry.I grabbed my glasses from my case and went downstairs after my Mom. I fed our cats, Rain and sunny. I waited for the pancakes to be made. "Why don't you feed Ziggy?"my Mom said from the kitchen. "Sure, "I said and went to grab Ziggy's cat treats.Ziggy is a cat that lived outside. He is orange with white streaks. He's fifteen.His left ear is bent and he always comes when you call his name. Also, he lies on back demanding a belly rub from you.He's very friendly.His purr is very loud if you pet him.We love him with all of are heart.

I went outside. I dropped a few kibbles for him to eat because he looked hungry. "Here buddy eat,"I said happily.He ate a little. He lifted his furry orange head and bolted under our neighbor's porch .I tried to look under the porch, but I didn't see him. I went inside to eat the pancakes. They were good. It started to rain when I got dressed."What a weird day"I thought as I went downstairs. I glanced out the window to see Ziggy run across the street. I could see he was wet.We ate lunch. "why would Ziggy run away"I thought. The next day I went to feed Ziggy, but I didn't see him. "ZIGGY!"I called the name over and over but, he did not come. I went inside confused. I didn't understand why he wasn't there plus, he didn't come when I called his name. I went to bed hopeful to see Ziggy in the morning. It was a chilly morning the next day but, I was determined to see Ziggs. (A name we call him) As I went downstairs I saw our cat, Rain, sitting on the banister. "Silly cat!"I thought. "Morning"I said to my Mom who was making toast." Morning"She said back raising her head. I looked out the window but, didn't see Ziggy. "Where was he?"I thought. I heard a Thump. Rain walked into the kitchen. "Meow!"he Meowed. It probably meant "Feed me please."I didn't see Ziggy all day.When the next day rolled around I lost all hope that I would see Ziggy. I didn't see Ziggy in the morning. I drew a comic about him that he grabbed a blue jay's feet and flew away to an island far away.I showed it to my Mom and she said it was funny. I went to feed him just in case he came and the sound of food. I felt sad as I was outside, but as I opened the door and I saw Ziggy's furry face! "He's here! He's really here!"I thought.Ziggy purred so loud I only heard his purring. I was so happy he was back, but I wondered where he was all this time. I was so happy! I fed him and went inside to tell my Mom and Dad about Ziggy's return.

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