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My Trip to London

Muaaz Shaikw, Age 10 Arongen Elementary

My mom and I were waiting at the airport. “Hey mom can I eat my donut please?” I asked. “Yes, you can,” she replied. “Hey mom can I play on my Nintendo Switch?” “Yeah, you can,” she said. A few minutes later the announcer said, “ Flight to Manchester may head for twenty-two please.”

After we got there the lady behind the counter said, “The flight to Manchester is leaving in five minutes.” Then we waited for some time. Somebody opened the door and they called seat numbers. “Seat 22 to 50 may leave.” We went to our airplane and the pilot announced, “Welcome to our airplane.” Soon we were off to London.

We landed in Manchester airport. My uncle picked us up and we went and had a good time at my uncle’s house. After a week of playing video games, we went on an airplane and when we landed the pilot said,

“We’ve landed on JFK airport.” We got off the big airplane.

Then we stepped inside the huge building. There were reinforced police guards. My mom and I went to this ID machine where you put your face to it, and it’ll take a photo to verify you. After we did that we went to a deserted lifne to check our passport. We went to the conveyor belt to get our luggage. We went to our car with my dad and we got home after 3-4 hours of writing.

I loved the trip to London and back. It takes a long time although international travel is exciting. It is also complicated and exciting. It is also complicated and tiresome. I would definitely love to go back to London through that again.

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