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Peter the Clumsy Builder

Ben, Age 10 West Sand Lake Elementary

Once upon a time there was a builder named Peter who built buildings, but when he was building them something always went wrong. He forgot to strap on to the rope the first time he built a skyscraper. Another time he was not looking where he was going because he was texting and then fell of a ranch. He broke both of his arms and legs. Last time he fell in wet cement and didn’t get out before it dried.He was there for 10 hours straight. But this he was determined. Peter and his cousin Charlie were hired to bulid the world’s tallest building. Which were five thousand stories to be exact. If he built it with no problems then he would be famous. If he didn’t he’d never be hired again. On the 1,000th (10,000 feet) floor he put a window in when he was inside the building. There were no floors so he had to climb a story to get out. When they were on the 5,000 floor (50,000 feet) they had one nail to go. Then Charlie slips and falls off the building. Peter straps on a bungee cord around his ankle and jumps and then catches him before they climb up the building so they are safe. But Charlie is greedy and pushes Peter of the building before he could hammer in the last nail. Then he realized that he was still tied to the bungee cord so he didn’t hit the ground by one foot. He untied himself and reported Charlie to the police but they didn’t believe him so he had to go to jail for 25 years. But he had to escape. He knew how the prison was built and knew where a weak spot was. He destroyed the weak spot and ran out of prison. His cousin Charlie was the most famous builder. But then he remembered he filmed them while he was building the building. He showed the police and Charlie went to jail. Then Peter was rich and happy at home playing with his Legos.

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