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Phone in the Trash

Emerson, Age 9 Arongen Elementary

My family, my Mommy, Dad, my sister, Ryleigh and I are in Orlando, Florida with another family, the O’Connors. The O’Connors are Billy, Brennan, Beelidad and DiDi, the mom. We are in a Marriot. We’re about to go down to the pool that has a waterslide and lazy river.

Billy, Brennan, Ryleigh, and I are splashing around in the pool. I see kids rumbling down the waterslide. People of all ages splashing and jumping in the pool. Kids running around the pool like crazy. Beel, Didi, and my mom and dad are lifting up towels, peeking inside bluish, gray lounge chairs. They are doing that because Beel lost his phone. Then I heard Beel exclaim, “Where is my phone?” “Maybe you left it up in the room,” said Didi calmly. “But I remember I brought it down from the Marriot though.” Beel tried to say calmly. My mom said, “Let’s try looking in the towels. It probably got mixed up in one.” “O.K.,” said Beel. Everyone was buzzing around frantically trying to find the phone. “What are you guys doing?” asked Billy. “Yeah, it looks like you are insects getting swatted away,” exclaimed Ryleigh. “I can’t find my phone!” Beel said again starting to get annoyed. “Me either,” said DiDi. “You should track your steps,” said my Dad. “Yeah,” said my mom. “O.k.,” said Beel.

Beel is tracking his steps. Right now my Mom and DiDi are about to go up to our room to look for the phone. After ten minutes they came down from our room and said, “the phone isn’t in the room.” “Okay,” said Beel. “Let’s try looking over by the hot tub and bar,” said my Mom. “I’ll go tell the kids,” said Beel. “Guys,” Beel said to Ryleigh, Billy, Brennan and me. “We are going over by the hot tub and bar area.” “OK,” we all said.

While they are over there, we are taking turns going down the waterslide and going in the pool. After a little while they came back over to where we were playing. “I still can’t find the phone,” Beel complained. “Wait, I just thought of something. I remember I was sitting on the lounge chair and I put my phone on this side of the table.” Beel was point to a pool-side table that was round. “Where did you put it on the table?” said my mom. “I put it on top of a cardboard seltzer holder,” said Beel. “You did?” my mom said anxiously. “yeah ,” said Beel. “Why did you say it like that?” “Well, I sort of threw that out,” my mom said. “Really?” said my dad. “Let’s tell the kids that we have at least an idea where the phone is,”said DiDi. “OK,” said Beel doubtfully. They came to tell us. “The phone is in the trash because of Cindi.” Beel said. “It was an accident. I didn’t meant it. Just saying, why would you put your phone there?”said my mom. “I don’t know. I just set it down.” “OK. How about we go ask someone that works here?” said DiDi.

My dad and Beel were with us. We were playing tag in the lazy river. The other parents were going to find someone. Fifteen minutes later they came back. It was about 4:30 PM. “The trashi is already in the dumpster,” said Didi glumly. “Let’s talk about it at dinner.” “I’ll make a reservations,” said my mom. “OK,” said everybody. “Bill, how about you go tell Michael to get the kids out of the water and dry off. I will wait for Cindi. We can go up to the room and get clothes for the kids,”DiDi exclaimed. “What even happened?” I asked. “We will discuss it at dinner.” said Dad. “What would you like for dinner?” the waitress asked. “I would like a quesadilla please.” I told the waitress. Everybody else ordered. Were were dressed and at a Mexican restaurant. Since everybody had ordered while we were waiting for our food. “DiDi and my mom were going to look for the phone.” “My mom is a freak about germs which is in trash. Most people should be and are. And she is going to a dumpster. WOW!” I thought. “We are going to go now,” said my mom, and they left.

My dad called my mom and said, “the dinner is here.” “OK,” said my Mom, “We will be on our way back.” “Let’s tell the story!” My mom said relieved. “So, we asked the manager. They unlocked and opened up the door to the dumpster. They gave us rubber gloves, and we called the phone. We heard it ringing and we got excited. So we walked over to the bag that we heard the noise coming from and opened it. And Voila. It was there!” “Nice story!” Billy said sarcastically.

Later that night I remembered all the hectic things that happened that day. We still laugh and laugh everytime we think about what happened with the phone that day.”

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