• Jacob Yanoff


My Cat Zero Matthew, Age 8 Arongen Elementary

Zero Zero

Zero Fast Zero Crazy Zero

Good and Bad Zero Friendly Zero Mean Zero Super duper running Zero Zero Zero Zero


Jolie , Age 8, Arongen Elementary

Kitties Kitties Kitties Fluffy kitties Fat kitties White soft baby kitties Funny kitties Gray kitties Small and cute kitties Kitties Kitties Kitties


 Rianna  Age 9, Pleasant Valley Elementary

Here I go in my   car driving through in the yard. It drizzles and shines all day. Soon came out a colorful thing. What was it? A RAINBOW! Bright colors all day.

Thanos Valentino, Age 10 Inspired by Willaim Carlos Williams "The Red Wheel Barrow" and Marvel characters

So much depends upon

a blue guy with

a Mohawk trying to catch lightning in a tin

Life Hailey, Age 9 Woodlawn Elementary

Life is amazing But it’s also hard. If you think there’s someone With the “perfect” life You’re wrong. No one has a perfect life. Nor, you or I. We also make mistakes in life But, that was the past. Wake up to a new beginning. With everything bad in life, There’s a good side. Live your life To the fullest. You can worry, but not too much Love your life!

Dreams Jael, Age 9 Woodlawn Elementary Jael A place you never leave A place where you have hope

When you close your eyes It is right there. Every time you see it You say, “I Love you” And never say goodbye.