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Sweet, Sweet Space

Carson, Age 9 West Sand Lake Elementary

 Chapter 1 Three, two, one lift off! Harvey was going to space. He was planning on going to Uranus. Ha.Ha. Get it? Anyway, he was going into a super high tech spaceship that had two new upgraded wings on the side. Yayy!! As he looked out of the window of the spaceship, he saw fire and darkness. He felt numb from the pressure inside the spacecraft. It was sealed tight and secure. He was a loner on this mission. He had to find signs of life on this planet that has never been explored.

Suddenly, he saw only darkness, the fire had disappeared, and all the lights on the spaceship went out. Moments later, before he could unbuckle his seatbelt, a portal appeared right in front of him. A long clawlike robot arm reached out in front of him and grabbed him by the neck. He was pulled into the portal with no time to fight back. Blackout…:]

Chapter 2

Harvey woke up! Luckily, he was off to a great start! We saw a fire blazing beat red, autumn orange right in front of him. He was lying down a on a log having no idea how he got there. It seemed like he was on a different planet. It no longer looked like Uranus. It was a very strange place indeed. The ground seemed to cream? Neopolitan? It was brown, white, and pink in color and smelled sweet. The tree trunk looked like churros topped with chocolate leaves. This was a very strange place and reminded Harvey of Candyland or some kind of dessert desert.  He noticed one sign of life sitting on the log across the fire. It was a broken robot.

Chapter 3 Harvey looked closely at the pieces of the robot lying across from him. He noticed chunks of metal and wires everywhere. It’s head was all in one piece. It began to speak. “I am Top Hat. If you want to go back to your spaceship, you must find this portal key. We must hide! Help me get us to safety!” Harvey quickly grabbed the pieces of the robot and hid in a small cave on the side of a nearby mountain. Harvey wanted to see what they were hiding from so he dug a small peephole through the wall of the cave. As he looked, he saw a giant donut with jagged teeth. Top Hat whispered, “If you want to get home safely, you must search for the portal key hidden somewhere in the giant donut’s hole. That must mean you let the donut capture you. It’s the only way to get into the hole.” Harvey rushes out of the cave and heads toward the scary donut.

Chapter 4

As Harvey raced toward the donut, the donut charged back, teeth bulging and eyes glaring. Harvey let the donut grab him and began to play dead in his arms. The donut took him to his hole and stuck him to the ceiling, which was covered in pink frosting. When the donut finally fell asleep, Harvey opened his eyes and attempted to escape from the ceiling.  He saw the portal key in the distance and began to wiggle from the frosting with more force. Finally he was free, and he fell to the ground. The vibration and sound of his fall woke the donut. He was too fast for the donut. He grabbed the key, which gave as shock as he jolted to the ground. When he woke up he was safely back in his seat of the spaceship, but it wasn’t a spaceship after all. It was his bed. He realized it was all just a scary dream.

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