• Jacob Yanoff

The Ouija Board

Jayce, Age 8 H.L. Bradt Elementary

One day I played on the Ouija board. It was 2:59 AM. I was watching the time until 3:00 AM came. I jumped and yelled “AAAAA!” I set the game up. I woke my brother up. We played it. Finally I said, “ Are you there?” It moved to yes. I jumped. I screamed. “AAAAA!” krrreeek, krrreeek, krreeek. It was from upstairs. We went upstairs.  I went upstairs. Nok suitte, the TV turned on. SLAM we were locked in, “AAAAA.” We got out we went downstairs. We played again. We went downstairs and we played again. NOOOO, nooo. It is from the front door. We opened the door. “AAAAAA,” I screamed. Oh my gosh, a drink box!

Chapter 2 the drink box

I opened the drink box. There was “nothing” in it. CLUNK CLUNK. “Aaaaaaaa.” It is from the front door. I opened it. I was dragged outside. HELLLLP me! I kicked it. I am freeeeeeee. I am saved. We played again. I tried to start again. Clunk aaaaaaaaa! It is from my room. We went in. There was nothing in my room, a shadow! We went in Pow. I was punched in the arm. OWWWW. Did you do that? No said my brother. It was a ghost. The shadow did it!