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Gabriella, Age 9 Arongen Elementary “Where do you want to go?” said Gigi. “ I don’t know,” I said. “Do you want to go to Target?” said Gigi. “No, not really,” I said. “OK, do you have an idea?” said Gigi. “Maybe, Walmart?” I said. “Absolutely, not!!!” said Gigi. “OK,” I said. We are going to Marshalls!” said Gigi. “OK,”I said. We got out of the car. The sky was completely blue. There were no clouds in the sky. There was the brightest sun I have ever seen. I turned and saw the gigantic mall: Boscov’s, Marshall’s, JC Penney’s and so many more stores!

We walked into Marshall’s and grabbed a cart. The cart was gray and had a blue handle. On the left there were like twenty people in line to check out. On my right there were about one hundred pairs of shoes.

We walked up to the baby shoes to by my little sister Vivia some comfy boots. The first pair of shoes we thought were cute had a bunny with ears sticking up. Gigi said, “ I think we should ge these for her.” I said, “No! Those are so last year!” “OK,” said Gigi. The second pair we found were gray and had gold stars and a heel. I said, “She already has those shoes.” “OK,” Gigi said. “How about these,” I said. They were pink and had FUZZY pink cotton.” “YES, ABSOLUTELY!” said Gigi. We walked up to the youth shoes section to find me some boots. There were over one hundred boots. Then I saw them. The perfect pair of black Michael Kors boots with a brown stripe on the top. Then we looked for my shoe size. I am a two. They had a 1, 5, 7, 6,3,3 ½ , 1 2/4,4 and the very last box had a number two. I was so happy I was jumping up and down.

We walked to the women’s sweater section because she was going to her 40th reunion. We found a maroon sweater and a gray sweater. She bought both.

It was finally time to check out. I begged and begged her for candy for about five minutes and she finally bought me candy corn.

In the car we discussed where we wanted to eat. Then we finally decided on Blaze Pizza. We walked in and the line was really long. After like thirty minutes it was finally our turn to order. I ordered a simple pie which is mozzarella and shredded cheese with red sauce.

My GIgi got a make-your-own-pizza which had shredded cheese, red sauce and turkey meatballs on it. I got a large mango and orange seltzer. We sat down at a high top table. I ate a simple pie except for a GIANT slice of pizza and my Gigi ate half of her pizza.

After we got home my sister and I tried on our boots She loved hers and I loved mine Then we said, “Bye, I love you!”  and Gigi drove away.

After I said, “Goodbye” to my Grandma I walked up the stairs, turned out light in my room. Then I walked over to my bed. I opened my covers and jumped in. I laid my head on my pillow and put the covers over me.

I was laying in my bed remembering my amazing evening with Gigi. Walking into the stores, looking at all the shoes, getting sweaters for her reunion. Eating that delicious mouth watering, cheesy pizza. YUM!

Rita, Age 10 New Scotland Elementary

"Thump, thump, thump' I heard. I knew it was my Mom. She was coming upstairs.My door creaked as my mom opened it. "Wake up!" she said. "Fine"I groaned as I swung my legs out of the covers .I rubbed my eyes as they opened. "Pancakes for breakfast"my Mom said. That made me hungry.I grabbed my glasses from my case and went downstairs after my Mom. I fed our cats, Rain and sunny. I waited for the pancakes to be made. "Why don't you feed Ziggy?"my Mom said from the kitchen. "Sure, "I said and went to grab Ziggy's cat treats.Ziggy is a cat that lived outside. He is orange with white streaks. He's fifteen.His left ear is bent and he always comes when you call his name. Also, he lies on back demanding a belly rub from you.He's very friendly.His purr is very loud if you pet him.We love him with all of are heart.

I went outside. I dropped a few kibbles for him to eat because he looked hungry. "Here buddy eat,"I said happily.He ate a little. He lifted his furry orange head and bolted under our neighbor's porch .I tried to look under the porch, but I didn't see him. I went inside to eat the pancakes. They were good. It started to rain when I got dressed."What a weird day"I thought as I went downstairs. I glanced out the window to see Ziggy run across the street. I could see he was wet.We ate lunch. "why would Ziggy run away"I thought. The next day I went to feed Ziggy, but I didn't see him. "ZIGGY!"I called the name over and over but, he did not come. I went inside confused. I didn't understand why he wasn't there plus, he didn't come when I called his name. I went to bed hopeful to see Ziggy in the morning. It was a chilly morning the next day but, I was determined to see Ziggs. (A name we call him) As I went downstairs I saw our cat, Rain, sitting on the banister. "Silly cat!"I thought. "Morning"I said to my Mom who was making toast." Morning"She said back raising her head. I looked out the window but, didn't see Ziggy. "Where was he?"I thought. I heard a Thump. Rain walked into the kitchen. "Meow!"he Meowed. It probably meant "Feed me please."I didn't see Ziggy all day.When the next day rolled around I lost all hope that I would see Ziggy. I didn't see Ziggy in the morning. I drew a comic about him that he grabbed a blue jay's feet and flew away to an island far away.I showed it to my Mom and she said it was funny. I went to feed him just in case he came and the sound of food. I felt sad as I was outside, but as I opened the door and I saw Ziggy's furry face! "He's here! He's really here!"I thought.Ziggy purred so loud I only heard his purring. I was so happy he was back, but I wondered where he was all this time. I was so happy! I fed him and went inside to tell my Mom and Dad about Ziggy's return.

Lily McLaughlin, Age 9 Arongen Elementary

One day my mom, my sister, and I went to Long Island. We were driving and driving. It was going great, only two more hours. “Yay, we’re going to Long Island!” I said.“It seems like there’s not a lot of traffic.” “Good,” my mom said. And so we went driving and driving.

We were in the car and we were getting bored. We saw a store and my mom let us get a toy to play in the car. I got glasses that when you put them on you see wacky things. And my sister got a tiny doll that creeped me out.

We were playing with the toys that we got. That doll creeped me out, but my toy was so much fun. I hardly even realized it was there. After a while, Ashlyn, my little sister, fell asleep. We were driving and driving and a couple of minutes later, “OUCH!”Ashlyn said. It was so loud.

So we pulled over and helped Ashlyn. She felt a little better. So we kept driving, and then Ashlyn threw up.  It was so gross. I was freaking out. “Lily stop!” My mom said. “You used to do it all the time when you were little,” my mom said. So we pulled over and helped Ashlyn again. She felt better, so we kept driving to my Grandma’s house. When we got there we saw our little cousin’s and we showed our cousins our toys that we got earlier that day. WE played with all of the toys. My Grandma has a big bucket of toys because I have a huge family and a lot of cousins. “Hey Quinn,come here,” I said. “OK,” my little cousin said.  He came rushing over to me along with my other cousins Kearn. I let them play with my toy. While my other cousins, Maeve, Emryn, and Breanden were having fun. Maeve was playing with an Elmo toy. Emryn loves eating and biting stuff. Any guess that Emryn was doing? She was biting a dinosaurs head. And Breanden was playing with Maeve with the Elmo toy. My Grandpa said, “Come on, let’s go food shopping. Quinn can come too.” “Yay!” we all said.

We left all the toys behind for another fun time. Even though it was a long trip, it was worth it. I got to play with a lot of my cousins who don’t live close. I was happy and excited to be with them and can’t wait until we see my cousins again, but I hope Ashlyn doesn’t get sick again!

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