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Loriona’s and Lekaila’s World: Best friend Book

Loriona’s and Lekaila’s World: Best friend Book

Lekaila, Age 10 and Loriona, Age 10 Pleasant Valley

Hi we are Loriona and Lekaila. We are best friends. We are best friends ever since second grade. We are in the same grade we are in fourth grade now. I am 9 years old and Lekaila is 10 years old. Even though get in trouble. We are still besties#besties.

Me and Loriona is like the same person. We laugh together. Lori and I have each other’s phones number. Whenever I am sad she makes me laugh. #besties 4 life y’all.

Lekaila and I love drawing “but” Lekaila is so, so picky, and I am not that much.

Thank you for being there when I am sad #Besties4life.

We both like the same thing. Even we talk to each other 24/7. I like being with Lekaila and I like being with Loriona. I enjoy it.

Lekaila is the best friend I can ever wish for. Lori is the best too. Love Loriona, Love Lekaila #Besties4ever

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