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Super Jack

Logan, Age 9 West Sand Lake Elementary

Super Jack is a market eating a granola bar talking to his neighbor in the rain. In the afternoon in Michigan he likes to listen to music and wear his headphones all the time. He likes to eat apples, granola bars, and other types of fruit. He favorite colors are yellow, red, and blue. He likes to dance. He is smart. Prizes make him happy. When something goes missing he becomes worried. He tries to make people happy when they are sad. He is scared of carnivores. He likes to play outside a lot when it is 70 – 81 degrees. He is good and athletic at sports. But then the neighbor turned into a monster overnight. The next morning he was destroying the city. After he destroyed the city a lot of people were hurt. He starts to destroy the second city because there were five cities he started to destroy. In the second city he hurt many more people because the city gets bigger and bigger. There were many seriously hurt people. Many had to go to the hospital. Only eleven people not hurt. They were screaming, “ Help! Help!’’ Super Jack heard them and he tried to fly as fast as he could. But by the time Super Jack got there the monster was at the fifth city because he already destroyed the fourth city. Super Jack helped many people that were injured. There were over 2,000 people. Their doctors were hurt and so was the nurse. So Super Jack was by himself. But he still did it. That’s why his name is Super Jack. It’s because he is super and his real name is Jack. Twenty minutes after Super Jack arrived good thing he made it because the monster just started destroying the fifth city. But Super Jack was there in time to stop him from destroying the city. The monster used his poisonous spit to hit Super Jack but he dodges the hit. Then Super Jack took his spit and he used his laser eyes to hit the monster. Then the monster got mad and used his laser eye but Super Jack used his laser eyes. Then both of their moves hit together. They both got hit but Super Jack stood up brave and said, “ This isn’t the right thing to do. You are destroying our city.’’ The monster said, “ Sorry I didn’t mean that. I’m controlled by the rain.’’ Them the rain stopped and the monster started to change back to normal. But Super Jack and the neighbor were both hurt. Luckily, they found a nurse. After that they were happily neighbors again.

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